Interesting Facts Makeover

To any readers out there, I am in the process of giving this site a makeover. No, not a new layout or nifty color scheme, but a makeover to the nature of the content. The site will move away from fun, but largely useless facts, to facts that are important to know and helpful to individuals and society. This may sound more dry, but it isn’t. If anyone digs into their knowledge base, I think they will find that the facts they find most interesting and which they have retained are the ones that have the greatest applicability to their own life.

I am also starting a theme for each week. The logic behind this is mostly that it will be easier to retain information if it keeps on a current theme for a few days and brings a few pieces of a puzzle together. And what good is learning new and exciting information if you do not at least have a mental hook or some remembrance that sparks in your awareness and tells you there is a solution to the problem you’ve just encountered.

Oh yes, I am working on a more eloquent and grandiose mission statement.

And finally, as it logically follows when the author makes an update to a largely abandoned blog, I am making a resolution to start updating it again. My goal is to write at least one new article a day. I might wait a few though just to save a few up. You know, give myself a couple vacation days.

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